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Since our opening in June 2019, at Hola Café we have prided ourselves on bringing the true essence of Venezuelan cuisine to Dallas TX. We are a family business passionate about sharing the richness of Venezuelan flavors and culinary traditions with our community.

Our story began with a vision to preserve and share the authentic flavors that have been a part of our families for generations. Each dish we feature on our menu is a celebration of diversity and the love we put into each recipe. From the unique cachapas, which are our specialty, to the succulent arepas, which are a national delicacy, each bite will transport you to the streets and homes of Venezuela.

¡EL MEJOR RESTAURANTE VENEZOLANO POR MUCHO! He probado varios en la zona y en Hola Café encontré el verdadero sazón venezolano. Lo mejor? La calidad humana de su staffing. No te vas a llevar un fiasco, 100% recomendados


Excelente comida, la atención estuvo estupenda y los mojitos de passion fruit  sin duda son los mejores

Adriana R.

This place is absolutely amazing!service was fast, the waitress is very friendly and extremely polite.the food is really to die for... outstanding food!Totally with it

alex m.

Wow, it was our first time here, the customer service was amazing, the food was super delicious, can't wait for the next visit, totally recommended

diana B.

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